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Introduction to Maya 2022: Volume 1

Introduction to Maya 2022: Volume 1


Get up and running quickly in Maya 2022 with this beginner’s guide tutorial by one of our most-watched instructors, Eric Keller. Introduction to Maya 2022: Volume 1 is comprised of 12 chapters that take you on a comprehensive tour of the Maya interface, covering navigation along with the many editors that you'll need to use when building 3D models and scenes.


Eric then walks through the creation of a Maya scene using a network of interconnected nodes. The relationships between these nodes define the shapes of your virtual objects, the shaders that determine the material qualities of those objects, the animation that moves them, and the lights and cameras that turn your creations into cinematic elements, game assets, scientific visualizations — or whatever you need to bring your digital art to life!


A number of helpful assets are available to download as project files with this workshop to help you with examples and to follow along with the workshop.


In Volume 2 (coming soon), you will explore the modeling and animation tools. In Volume 3 (coming soon), Eric will introduce lighting shading and reveal how to export assets for use in real-time game-editing software, like the Unreal Engine development kit.